The Case of the Curiously Not-So-Book-y Oscars

Oscar Sunday is about celebrating movies deemed to have reached, or at least approached, the pinnacle of filmmaking excellence. As we’ve discussed before in this space, many movies make it to such lofty heights by riding the coattails of topnotch books, which provide source material screenwriters love to poach steal adapt. Lit-to-film adaptations are usually […]

Make Studio Magic at the Library

If you’ve walked through or around the Teen Room in the library, you’ve probably seen the instruments hanging on the wall. While they sure are nice to look at, you’ll find that your enjoyment of them will skyrocket if you take them down and actually, like, play them. Feel free to plug one into our […]

Print Wirelessly at BPL

Wires are a pretty mixed bag. High-wire walking is thrilling, but also dangerous. The Wire is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows ever. Mountain Dew LiveWire is gross, at least according to this jury of one.  To cats, all wires are good, which is very bad for their owners. When it comes to […]

Dud-Free Dating With Blind Date With a Book

As a board game fan (I don’t think I’m quite hardcore enough to earn the title of “enthusiast”), I appreciate a rousing game of such classic titles as Clue, Monopoly (though I prefer the cat version), and Scrabble. Some classic games, however, I’ve never had the pleasure of playing. Perhaps most regrettably, I’ve never gotten […]

3D Printing Goes Flexible

3D printing is undoubtedly great. From ukuleles to phone cases to cat armor, we’ve printed some pretty cool stuff at the library. Cool, yes, but like my stiff legs and this guy’s rules, the plastic with which they are printed is terribly inflexible. What if you want to create something with a little give? Something […]

Finding Library Books Made Easier

Obviously, the library is the best place to get books, but we understand the library catalog isn’t necessarily always the first place you look for them. Maybe you browse new titles on Amazon or check Goodreads for suggestions and reviews from other bookies (book lovers, not a guy who takes your bets/breaks your thumbs, though […]

You Gotta Make Noise to Reduce Noise

If you find the library to be a little noisier than normal (as you may know, our “normal” noise level is actually pretty high by conventional library standards, what with the whizzing and whirring of our 3D printers and laser engraver) over the next few weeks, as counterintuitive as it sounds, we’re making a bunch […]

Best Books (I Read During the Year) of 2016

In a year that has taken so, so much from us, I’d like to offer the smallest of consolations by putting something positive into the world with a quick rundown of books that affected me for the better and/or that I straight up enjoyed in 2016. I present to you my “Best Books of 2016” […]

A Trifecta of Jolliness

Few holiday franchises make it to a third installment, and even when they do, things can get dicey. Usually, they’re doomed from the start by desperation moves like replacing beloved performers from the originals or bringing in Martin Short to be zany. Try as they might, they more often than not come up lacking in […]

Vudu: A Premium Sidekick

So far, reception has been positive for our Roku Streaming Sticks, which are collectively just one of our new circulating tech goodies available for you to take home (or wherever) and enjoy. While the Rokus are loaded with 19 varied channels of entertainment, educational, and edutainment content, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say […]


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