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Getting help with your resume can be tough. Even if you find somebody you trust to give you quality feedback, when you actually get help is subject to the availability of that person, who presumably has other pesky life responsibilities. So maybe you have a trusted parent, friend, coworker, spouse, advisor, etc. in your life to give your resume a good twice or thrice-over, but they may not be available to hit up at 1 AM when you’re browsing online job listings in your jammy jams. What’s a modern job seeker to do?

The good people at are standing by ready to help you punch up your resume and tailor it for the job you want. Just go to their site, log in with your library card number, create a free account, and click on “Essay & Resume Drop-Off.” From there, you can upload your resume any time, and you’ll get feedback from a career coach within 24 hours. Unlike those undependable friends and family members in your life, staff will never ghost you or make vague promises about getting back to you next week; they exist to serve, and serve they do. I put them to the test by submitting my resume and a job listing for a position in my field (they ask for a link to a listing so they can give you more informed advice on what to accentuate on your resume). Less than three hours later, I received an e-mail letting me know my feedback was ready to view. Here’s what I got:


From the advice the reviewer gave, it is clear she carefully read my resume and the job listing I provided (knowledge of Word, PowerPoint, and library software was a key requirement for the job) and gave specific, actionable advice. Bravo, I recommend giving them a try the next time you need resume or cover letter help. Be sure to also check out the “View Career Resources” link at the bottom of the homepage to find tips and videos on interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, and job searching in general, as well as resume and cover letter samples and templates.

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