3D Printing Goes Flexible


3D printing is undoubtedly great. From ukuleles to phone cases to cat armor, we’ve printed some pretty cool stuff at the library. Cool, yes, but like my stiff legs and this guy’s rules, the plastic with which they are printed is terribly inflexible. What if you want to create something with a little give? Something a little bendy? Something a little…Gumby-y?

Luckily, a flexible printing solution exists in the form of NinjaFlex filament, a thermoplastic polyurethane material that produces bendable, almost rubbery prints like the Gumby prototype we printed pictured above. We liked how it turned out so much that we ordered more NinjaFlex in (most of) the colors of the rainbow, and they’ll be arriving any minute now. Come on in and use it to print practical doodads, like seals, gaskets, and plugs, or more whimsical creations, like characters to create your own sweet claymation project.


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