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Of all the side effects, from the positive to the galactically annoying, of the inescapable, remorseless digital takeover of seemingly all aspects of our lives, perhaps one of the more overlooked consequences has been the hit our handwriting has taken. Typing and texting pretty much all of our communicated words have made us rusty with our pens, pencils, and quills. Personally, despite the efforts of my seventh grade science teacher, who made her shamefully handwriting-challenged students devote the beginning of each class to practicing their cursive, my penmanship has always languished on the border of chicken scratch territory, but over the last few years, it’s gotten even worse, if that’s possible. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with typing out our words; it’s efficient and it gets the job done. Still, I think there’s something to be said for doing things the old fashioned way to skillfully produce results with your hands and an instrument/utensil/tool, even if it’s with something as seemingly simple as a pen. To the especially skilled and/or practiced, the results can even be artful.

Calligraphy, a.k.a. “fancy script,” a.k.a. “that writin’ what has all them purty swoopity loops,” has long been amazing to me and surely to others with pedestrian handwriting ability. My mom is a calligraphy ace, so I had a lot of exposure to it growing up, but I regrettably have never made an effort to learn it from her, so beautiful writing remains beyond my grasp. It doesn’t, however, have to elude you, dear library lovers. Beginning June 15, the library will offer calligraphy classes in a four part series. An expert instructor with over thirty years of experience will introduce you to the basics of calligraphy and help you build up your abilities so that with a bit of dedication and practice, you’ll soon be deftly using your newfound powers to make gorgeous gifts and Pinterest-worthy crafty projects. The classes will meet Thursday nights at 6 PM from June 15 through July 6, and they are of course absolutely free.

If you’re interested, sign up by contacting us at 817-249-6632 or, or visit us at the Information Desk at the library. I can assure you, the classes will give you way greater feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction than downloading a calligraphy font.


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