The Library Rocks Out

Benbrook rocks. Perhaps not as figuratively as Cleveland, or as literally as geology, but it does in fact rock. We’ve got the rocks to prove it.

Over the past few weeks, several painted rocks (pictured above) have curiously appeared outside the library. It was initially the greatest mystery in rock(s) since the Canadian rock band Mystery, but one of the rocks eventually slipped up and incriminated itself by blatantly stating where to find info on its posse. It turns out the rocks were painted and placed by members of a group named Benbrook Rocks, which, according to their Facebook page, is devoted to “painting rocks to hide around Benbrook to brighten people’s day.” Recipients of the stylish stones are meant to keep them, re-hide them, or leave them be.

Thus far, we have opted to keep ours and display them in our patio area. We see you, people of Benbrook Rocks, and we’re flattered by and appreciative of your efforts to brighten our day.


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