All Yogis Welcome at the Library

As you know, the library is on an unending quest to deliver you great stuff. You might say our goal is to serve up a delicious pic-a-nic basket full of programs and services. Unlike the pic-a-nic baskets of unsuspecting Jellystone campers, ours doesn’t have to be stolen to be enjoyed; we just want to give it to you.

One of the latest additions to our bountiful basket is adult yoga classes, for which we’ve partnered with our good pals at the Benbrook YMCA to offer. A certified ranger instructor from the Y leads the classes and takes attendees through Boo Boo bow pose, downward-facing bear dog, and all the other poses and breaths necessary to heal and strengthen your body and mind.

Classes are 45 minutes long and meet the first Monday of each month at 6 PM and the third Monday at 12 PM (hey, that’s this coming Monday!). Attendees are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats, but the library has a few extra on hand to cover those who are matless. All experience levels, from the beginner to the above av-er-age yogi, are welcome, and the classes are absolutely free.


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