Show Us How You Stack Up at Our Giant Jenga Tournament

The most gigantic game of Jenga I’ve ever seen was sooo gigantic that puny humans couldn’t play it without the help of heavy machinery. You can check it out here.

The library’s giant Jenga set isn’t quite so massive (while that would be way awesome, we don’t have space for it, we don’t have access to excavators and telehandlers, and all the paperwork we’d have to fill out in response to the inevitable bystander squishings would be a real hassle), but compared to a regular Jenga set, it’s still pretty beastly. Once a game gets going, the tower can get to be over five feet tall. The blocks are large and easy to handle, but don’t be fooled; it takes plenty of precision, finesse, and cool-handed skill to be a high-level competitor in this gargantuan game.

If you think you’re the block stackingest, least tower topplin’ Jenga player in town, we want you to prove it by competing in our giant Jenga tournament on Saturday, January 27 at 6 PM at the library. Play individually or in a team of up to four players and battle it out for prizes and the satisfaction and glory of being the last player(s) standing after your competitors and their towers have all fallen.

The tournament will take place during our regular monthly Game Night program, at which we have a whole heap of board games for you and your friends, family, and other fellow gaming enthusiasts to enjoy. It’s a potluck kind of deal, so while not required, bringing food to share is encouraged and appreciated. At this particular event, the library will provide cheesy snacks, and we always provide drinks (sodas and water).

For more info about Game Night, including dates and special upcoming activities (which include cornhole and ladder toss tournaments), click here.


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