It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…A New Collection at the Library!

BPL has long had a collection of graphic novels (aka sequential art, aka long comic books) for kids, but when it came to graphic novels for adults, our copy of Watchmen for years stood alone in a forest of its wordy novel fellows. It was quite tragic, as some truly great stories are told in graphic form and are highly deserving of a home on library shelves, and not just the children’s shelves. Our stats indicate that some of you already know this, but you have been forced to have books sent over from our partner libraries (and, as a result, wait) to get your graphic novel fix. No longer, my friends.

As of today, the library is now offering a standalone collection of graphic novels for adults and older teens. The collection, which is located at the end of adult fiction and across from our Great Courses DVD collection, was made possible by a grant from the Texas Book Festival. It currently contains over 90 titles and will be growing larger in the coming weeks, and it features a mix of superhero, fantasy, realistic fiction, and non-fiction titles. Graphic novel readers, rejoice.

If you’re a skeptical adult word readin’ loyalist and aren’t sure about what you may consider to be glorified picture books invading your library, I suspect you may not have read books such as Maus, Y the Last Man, The Walking Dead, and the aforementioned Watchmen. All are personal favorites of mine that succeeded in winning me over to their medium, and all, along with many others, are now available at BPL. Try some out and you just may find your next reading obsession.

If you have any recommendations for titles you’d like to see added to the collection, please let us know.


Note: While their illustrated nature may make these books appear kid-friendly, the majority of them contain content that parents may find unsuitable for their children. As previously stated, the titles in this collection are intended for adults and mature teens. The library offers a separate collection of graphic novels for children.


Thanks, Texas Book Festival!


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