Dimes Will Get You Dozens at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Stuff costs more than it used to, which is shocking, I know. Gone are the days when you could get a Coke and a movie ticket for a dime. Heck, you can’t even seem to get ten-cent currency for a dime these days. Yes, the stuff you can actually get for your pocket change is in most cases pretty sad, but don’t go throwing away, melting down, or sending your seemingly useless coins to China just yet.

The Friends of the Library are here to add some purchasing power to your penny, some tickle to your nickel, and some dynamism to your dime with their annual book sale, where pretty much every book will cost a shockingly low ten cents. Book-wise, they’ll have a little of everything (fiction of all genres, non-fiction, large print, children’s, and young adult), plus DVDs (also just ten cents!) and other assorted items (some more than ten cents, but still priced to move for handfuls of change). All proceeds of the sale will go to the BPL Friends of the Library, which they will in turn use to support the library, so it’s a win-win: You get books to take home forever, and we get to keep providing you free books and other stuff to borrow.

The sale will be this coming Saturday, September 29, from 10 AM to 3 PM. Load up your coin purse, coin backpack, or coin dump truck and come do some shoppin’.

If you have items you’d like to contribute to the sale, we are still accepting donations through Friday, September 28. Just bring your gently used, non-musty, non-moldy, non-bug-infested books and/or DVDs to the library and we’ll gladly accept them and be thankful for your generosity.


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