Fall 2012 BARC Tasks

5 points


1. Cross the Pond – Read a book set in England.

2. Grand Entrance – Read an author’s debut novel.

3. Carry the Flag – Read a book with a picture of a flag on the cover (may be any kind of flag, not just a country’s flag).

4. Light the Torch – Read a book with a fire-related word (flame, burn, hot, etc.) in the title.

5. Sing the Anthem – Read a book with a title that is also a song title. Please list the name of the song and the artist for verification.

6. Let the Games Begin – Read the first book in a series.

10 points


1. Hurdles – Read a biography, autobiography, or memoir about a person who overcame adversity in some way.

2. Archery: “May Your Aim be True” – Read a fiction book that is based on true events.

3. Shot Put: “Heavy Stuff” – Read a book about a “heavy” topic (war, human rights, abuse, etc.).

4. Pole Vault: “Clear the Bar” – Read a book that heavily features the practice of law, lawyers, or legal proceedings.

5. Long Jump – Read a book with at least 400 pages.

15 points


1. Synchronized Swimming – Read two books with the same title written by two different authors (for example, Gone by Lisa Gardner and Gone by Michael Grant).

2. High Dive: “Go Off the Deep End”
a. Read a book about a character with a psychological disorder
b. Read a book set primarily in a psychiatric hospital.

3. Butterfly
a. Metamorphosis – Read a coming of age story (defined as a young person’s transition from childhood to adulthood)
b. Taking Flight – Read a book in which the protagonist accomplishes a major life goal.

4. Water Polo: “Score a Goal” – Read a book with the letters G-O-A-L in the title, in that order.

5. Backstroke
a. Reach Back… – Read a book set at least 50 years in the past
b. …Way Back – Read a book set at least 100 years in the past.

20 points


1. Balance Beam – Read two non-fiction books: one that takes one side of an issue, and another that takes the opposite side of that issue.
Read two different books, each of which must cover both sides of a single issue

2. Rings: “Impress the Judges” – Read two books that have won awards of some kind. The books may have won the award, or they may have won different awards.

3. Uneven Bars – Read a trilogy.

4. Floor Exercise: “Freestyle” – Read a book of your choice with 800 or more pages.

25 points


1. Make Your Country Proud – Read one of the book club selections for Bent Corners, Coffee Break, Nothing But the Truth, or Coffee Break Truth for September, October, November, or December and attend one of the meetings. Meeting dates and times are listed in the “Important Dates” thread on the discussion board.

2. Go International (created by Kayla Robb) – Read three books, each of which must take place on a different continent

3. Train Your Mind: Share the Joy of Reading and Improve Yourself (created by Jeri Tulley) –
a. Read a total of 200 pages aloud to someone else (if necessary, you may read aloud to yourself)
b. Read about something you’ve always wanted to learn about and then use your new knowledge in some way.

50 – 75 points


50 Points: Earn the Bronze – Read 3 books that total 800 pages or more. One of the books must contain the word “bronze” in the title.

65 Points: Earn the Silver – Read 4 books that total 1,500 pages or more. Two of the books must contain the word “silver” in the title.

75 Points: Earn the Gold – Read 5 books that total 2,000 pages or more. Three of the books must contain the word “gold” in the title.


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