Game Night Meeting and Food Schedule

Below are the currently scheduled dates for Game Night, as well as the food-related holidays that we wish to recognize for each month. If you’d like to bring food (and thank you so much if you would), please consider bringing foods related to the listed holidays. We also welcome traditional snack foods (chips, dip, cheese, fruit, assorted sweets, etc.) any month. The library provides soft drinks, water, juice, and coffee.


Game Night Date

Food Holidays to be Recognized


January 28

-National Southern Food Day (22nd)

-National Corn Chip Day (29th)

-National Baking Month


February 25

-National Potato Lover’s Day (8th)

-National Italian Food Day (13th)

-National Chili Day (27th)

– National Chocolate Lover’s Month


March 25

-National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (1st)

-National Cold Cuts Day (3rd)

-National Nutrition Month


April 29

-National Pecan Day (14th)

-National Egg Salad Week (17th-23rd)

-National Pigs in a Blanket Day (24th)


May 20

-National Eat What You Want Day (11th)

-National Biscuit Day (29th)

-National Salad Month


June 24

-National Donut Day (2nd)

-National Cheese Day (4th)

-National Gingerbread Day (6th)

-National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month

Special: Library will provide donuts


July 29

-Caesar Salad Day (4th)

-National Blueberry Muffin Day (11th)

-National Ice Cream Sundae Day (20th)

-National Hot Dog Month

Special: Library will provide hot dogs and sundae bar


August 26

-National S’mores Day (10th)

-National Bacon Lovers Day (20th)

-National Peach Month

-National Sandwich Month

Special: Library will provide s’mores supplies


September 30

-National Macadamia Nut Day (4th)

-National Cheese Pizza Day (5th)

-National Chicken Month


October 28

-National Pumpkin Pie Day (12th)

-National Pasta Day (17th)

-National Cookie Month


November 18

-National Nachos Day (6th)

-National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (15th)

-National Stuffing Month

December 2017

Date TBA

-National Comfort Food Day (5th)

-National Pastry Day (9th)

-National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (16th)


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