Local Authors


About the Program

While the big-name authors on the bestseller lists typically get all the glory in the literary world, there are countless local authors producing excellent work all around us who are just as deserving of your attention. In order to showcase these under-celebrated talents, we’ve launched the Local Authors program. At the program, Texas-based writers speak about their books, the writing and publishing processes, and other topics related to the field of writing. It is meant to be an interactive experience for attendees, who are encouraged to ask questions and start discussions with the featured authors.

Who It’s For

Seekers of new authors and general supporters of all things locally produced should undoubtedly enjoy the program, and it will likely be of equal interest to aspiring and up-and-coming authors. We envision meetings of the program being exciting opportunities for local writers of all degrees of establishment to congregate and share experiences, work, war stories, and tips on thriving in the writing field.

When It’s Held

The program is held as authors are available; no regular schedule is established.

Join In

If you’re a local author and are interested in speaking and/or sharing your work at a future program, stop by the library, give us a call, or send an e-mail to programs@benbrooklibrary.org to discuss scheduling an appearance.

Past and Future Participating Authors


January 2016

Virginia Boylan

May 2015

Billy Huckaby

February 2015

Mike Baldwin

January 2015

Don Shook

December 2014

Jerry Lobdill

October 2014

Brandy Herr

September 2014

Arianne “Tex” Thompson

May 2014

Harry Hall

September 2013

Diane Kelly

April 2013

Will Powers

Doug Petersen

February 2013

Marilyn Gilbert Komechak

Kimberly Packard

James Michael

December 2012

Liese Sherwood-Fabre

Vicki Batman

Michelle Miles

Elizabeth Essex

October 2012

Jeff Bacot

Dr. Michael Conte

August 2012

Liese Sherwood-Fabre

Sherry Scott


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