Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews 2018

  My creople (creepy + people), I give you the sixth annual Shelf Life Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews:   My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris It had been, as the hip youths say, a minute since I had read a graphic novel. It’s a moon-howlin’ shame, too, because this past summer, the […]

Put Non-Scary Cemetery Luminary at the Library on Your Itinerary

A cemetery seems like the perfect place to get your Halloween vibes up to the lofty levels of this guy. However, we totally understand if you’d rather not visit one recreationally. Perhaps you’re a fraidy cat. Or an unsure squirrel. Or a respectful horse. Whatever your particular deal may be, we’re going to help you […]

Ghoulish Games: Test Your Halloween Knowledge

If you’re not doing scary readin’ in October, you’re doing it wrong. There’s no penalty for not doing it; no knife-wielding, homicidal maniac is going to advance on you very, very slowly if you opt to not indulge. Reading horror novels is, however, one of the best ways to give yourself the Halloween warm and […]

Escape From the Library (If You Want)

Being trapped in a room can be a real bummer. Jodie Foster didn’t have such a hot time in Panic Room. Getting stuck in their storm shelter only led to frustration for the Simpsons, and spinning the middle side of a Rubik’s Cube topwise only made things worse. Things got really dramatic for R. Kelly […]

Censorship is for Phonies: Read Banned Books

The following is a fictional interview I conducted with the fictional character Holden Caulfield in honor of Banned Books Week.   Cullen: Hi everybody, I’m very excited to introduce our guest today, Holden Caulfield. Welcome, Holden, and thank you for being here. Holden: Hey, glad to’ve met you. I’m always saying “glad to’ve met you” […]

Dimes Will Get You Dozens at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Stuff costs more than it used to, which is shocking, I know. Gone are the days when you could get a Coke and a movie ticket for a dime. Heck, you can’t even seem to get ten-cent currency for a dime these days. Yes, the stuff you can actually get for your pocket change is […]

The Truth is Out There

A phone call I received earlier this week: Me: Benbrook Library, how can I help you? Patron (a bit breathlessly): I’m looking for aliens. Me (apprehensive because this is either going to be delightfully straightforward or an impossibly nebulous Mulder and Scully situation, very tentatively): …Are you looking for the *movie* Aliens? Patron: Yes. Me […]

So Long, Sweet Summer

The library’s children’s summer reading program wrapped up last week with a big ol’ party. Here’s hoping with all the reading your kids did, the only “summer slide” they experienced was on this here (or another, equally fun) water slide:   Thank you to all the kids and parents who made it another great summer […]

Say “Nope” to Anti-Library Talk, Reverse Knope Style

Last week, an apparently masochistic economist released an opinion piece on Forbes’ website arguing that in the name of saving taxpayers money and helping Amazon stockholders, public libraries should be replaced with Amazon bookstores. A vocal army of library defenders, including patrons, librarians, authors, and common sense enthusiasts, promptly rose up on the Internet to […]


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