Calcu-Never? Using Math as an Adult

Earlier this week, I was approached by who I’m assuming was a middle school-aged child and asked to help him with a math problem he was having trouble with. Simultaneously flattered and terrified, I trepidatiously followed him to our Teen Room and hoped for something improbably simple, like good ol’ solving for X, but expected […]

Spark Rage: Book Lovers Erroneously Hate on Marie Kondo

Thanks to Marie Kondo, tidying up fever has placed a fevered hold on Netflix viewers and spread like wild fever to eager declutterers across the land. While people seem to be cool with neatly folding and containerizing almost all of their possessions and jettisoning their unneeded stuff that doesn’t, as Kondo puts it, spark joy, […]

Only YOU Can Decide What We Read For Book Club

  At the library’s book clubs, we’re fortunate that generally, the books we read earn widespread approval from our readers. While our selections don’t always get a Siskel and Ebertian two thumbs up from everyone, it’s safe to say they mostly score at least one and a half thumbs (or, if you find the idea […]

Plan(ner) for Success in 2019

With a new year comes new/renewed commitment to becoming a better you than the you ended up being after committing to being a better you the previous new year, and that type of commitment typically comes with lots of stuff to do (or at least a lot of stuff to commit to do). You could […]

Best Books (I Read During the Year) of 2018

Bibliophiles, I present to you my “Best Books of 2018” list, as always with the huge caveat that very few of the books were actually published in 2018; they’re simply my favorite books I read during the year. Unlike an escalator that is temporarily stairs, this list is out of order.   Sleeping Beauties by […]

Do New Year’s Eve the Library Way

2019 is coming for you, Neeson style. It will look for you, it will find you, and it will…well, hopefully not kill you. But it’s gonna getcha. Despite how unnecessarily scary I’ve made the New Year sound, it’s generally a cause for celebration. But how to celebrate? You could get all gussied up and put […]

Fill Your Head and Heart With Jolliness at BPL’s Holly Jolly Holiday

For years now, I’ve intermittently had the song “Silver Bells” pop into my head, uninvited and apropos of nothing, at all times of year. I just go with it, but it’s a lyrical lie, in say, June. It’s Christmas time in the city? No, it isn’t. Soon it will be Christmas day? Not unless your […]

It’s the Most Laserful Time of the Year

We’ve finally reached December 1, and that means members of the “it’s too early for Christmas stuff” crowd now officially have no tree stand to..stand on (they have to get off and put their tree on it). Bring on the music, the lights, the movies, the elves, and, in the case of the library, the […]

Novennber Venns, Yet A-Venn

Novennber cannot be stopped (except by the changing of the month, but that’s an issue for next week). We’ve got three more literary Venns for you this week. I realize at this point, I’m playing kind of fast and loose with the official rules of Venn diagrams. It may be more accurate to call some […]

Some Pig, a Dull Boy, and a Gold Guy Get the Novennber Treatment

Novennber rolls on with a fresh batch of literary Venns for your viewing amusement/eye rollification:  


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