Get Your Fix for Quality Competition at the Regional Adult Spelling Bee

With the sorry state of sports getting sorrier seemingly every minute (you’ll be sorely missed, 82) in DFW, there’s a good chance we won’t be seeing any of our local teams engage in any high-stakes, high-level competition anytime soon. Believe it or not, the library, or rather, a group of libraries, have stepped up to […]

Tips for a Perfect Lawn, I Tell You What

With the surprise bursts of unseasonably cold weather becoming gradually less frequent, it seems it’s (almost) safe to fully embrace spring and all the sunny, outdoorsy things that come with it. One of those things is of course tending to your yard, garden, and the various flora you surround yourself with. If you’re the Hank […]

Think Inside the Box During National Poetry Month

Poetry month is upon us You’ll blink and then it will be gone, thus I’m writing in poems (those rhyming things, know ‘em?) To show it appropriate fondness   A poet, I surely am not Mad verse skills, I just haven’t got But part of the “why” Of the month is to try So, like […]

Audiobooks With a (Very) Human Touch

Audiobooks are quite popular at BPL. Whether you like to check them out on CD or download them digitally, y’all have made it clear that you dig them. As fantastic as audiobooks are, they do come with some potential roadblocks, namely 1)What if the title you’d like to hear isn’t available in audiobook form? and […]

Cataloging Library Help Seekers

The other day, I had a patron approach me and ask for help in a mildly terrifying, heretofore-unexperienced way: as I was seated at the Information Desk with my focus on my computer screen, she soundlessly materialized behind me, Mr. Deeds’ butler-style, and dramatically whispered, “I need your help.” Startled, I turned around to see […]

Texas History, ‘Toon Style

  In my high school world history class*, we were once assigned to create a political cartoon about some historical event, person, or idea we had studied. I chose to make mine about the Mongols, and because I’ve always had a Seinfeldian inclination to make things silly whenever possible, I drew a speeding freight train […]

Getting an Image From Screen to Paper: There’s a Better Way

Last week, a library patron showed me something new in attempted technological ingenuity when she tried to make a photocopy of her phone screen. Before you make fun, consider 1) putting something you’d like a copy of into a machine that makes copies isn’t the craziest thing and 2) there are way dumber things to […]

Make Kids and Dogs Happy at Tail Waggin’ Tutors

Few things in life are more unbearable than a sad dog. One look into the eyes of a melancholy canine will have you clutching your woe-struck heart and swearing vengeance against those who have wronged it. You instantly want that dog to smile more than Nat King Cole wants everyone to smile, the Joker wants […]

You Had Me at “Tacos”: Trivia Night Goes Hollywood

I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. “You talkin’ to me?,” you might be saying. Yes, yes I am. I’m digitally looking at you. Here’s looking at you, kid. What if I told you you could have a killer time eating tacos and playing free trivia? “Surely you can’t be serious,” you say. […]

Discover Inner Book Beauty With Blind Date With a Book

In today’s profile picture-laden, swipe-happy dating scene, blind dating seems to have fallen out of favor. Sure, actually having a visual of the person you’re going to spend an afternoon at the mall or an evening at Putt-Putt (or whatever people do on dates nowadays; I’ve clearly been out of the game for a while) […]


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