A Dog Walks Into a Library…

Shortly after the library opened Saturday morning, an unexpected visitor of the canine variety walked through our front doors. After a few seconds of observation, it became clear this pup was unaccompanied, and that she hadn’t stopped by to pick up the new John Grisham novel; she was lost. Job one was to wrangle her […]

Get Serenaded at Date Night at the Library

As far as I’m concerned, the greatest barbershop quartet song ever is Baby on Board by the Be Sharps. This is partially due to my heavily Simpsons-coated world view, and partially because it’s the only traditional barbershop quartet-style song I know. Despite my lack of knowledge, I’m still highly supportive of four people getting decked […]

All Yogis Welcome at the Library

As you know, the library is on an unending quest to deliver you great stuff. You might say our goal is to serve up a delicious pic-a-nic basket full of programs and services. Unlike the pic-a-nic baskets of unsuspecting Jellystone campers, ours doesn’t have to be stolen to be enjoyed; we just want to give […]

Graffiti, Library Style

Graffiti artists tag railroad cars with their names or symbols. Lovestruck couples carve trees with their initials. Visitors to public restrooms scrawl on the stalls with colorful limericks. Library patrons leave their mark with…their library card number? While moving a table by the library’s copy machine, I noticed something written with a black marker on […]

The Library: Decidedly Not the Post Office

  A phone call I received earlier this week: Me: Benbrook Library, how can I help you? Patron: Did you know that I haven’t gotten any mail in three days? Nobody on my street has gotten any either. It just stopped coming. What is going on? *Brief expectant pause* Me (sympathetic, but confused): I’m sorry […]

Searching for Hay in a Haystack

Part of the beauty of a digital library catalog is that you can use whatever search terms you want to quickly search all fields in an item’s record. Of course, there’s no guarantee your search will yield results. Usually, being too specific is what gets you in trouble, such as a search for “how to […]

Use the Library With Confidence

Last week, my wife and I took a trip to San Diego, home of Ron Burgundy himself. The weather was perfect, the beaches were picturesque, and the panda population was nonzero, so while it would have been nice to stay indefinitely, we did eventually have to return to our boiling hot, panda-less home city. Being […]

Adults, Embrace the Summer With Summer Reading-o

  Summer is here. For kids, that means no school and more time for friends, camps, pools, and the buffet of wonders that is the library’s children’s summer reading program (learn all about it here). For adults, it means a different season in which to continue your workaday life…unless you’re a teacher, in which case […]

The Library Rocks Out

Benbrook rocks. Perhaps not as figuratively as Cleveland, or as literally as geology, but it does in fact rock. We’ve got the rocks to prove it. Over the past few weeks, several painted rocks (pictured above) have curiously appeared outside the library. It was initially the greatest mystery in rock(s) since the Canadian rock band […]

Beautify Your Writing

  Of all the side effects, from the positive to the galactically annoying, of the inescapable, remorseless digital takeover of seemingly all aspects of our lives, perhaps one of the more overlooked consequences has been the hit our handwriting has taken. Typing and texting pretty much all of our communicated words have made us rusty […]


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