Fun With Removing One Letter From Book Titles

Originality is hard. With so many books already in existence, how can anybody be expected to come up with anything fresh? Luckily, many book titles are just one superfluous letter-ectomy away from becoming something completely (or at least kinda) different. The following is a list of fake books and plots that are a product of […]

Show Us How You Stack Up at Our Giant Jenga Tournament

The most gigantic game of Jenga I’ve ever seen was sooo gigantic that puny humans couldn’t play it without the help of heavy machinery. You can check it out here. The library’s giant Jenga set isn’t quite so massive (while that would be way awesome, we don’t have space for it, we don’t have access […]

Getting Your Reading Groove Back

No matter how big of a reading fiend you are, every now and then, you may find yourself mired in a reading rut. You know, a slump. A funk. A slog of a time where the magic of reading feels way less David Copperfield and way more Gob Bluth. A library patron raised the question […]

Bee All That You Can Bee at the Adult Spelling Bee

I can’t spell the word occasionally. I misspell it pretty much every time I type it, including when I just typed it in the previous sentence. I know it has either two Cs or two Ss, but I incredibly guess wrong about 90% of the time and put in a single C and superfluous S […]

Best Books (I Read During the Year) of 2017

I present to you my “Best Books of 2017” list, as always with the huge caveat that very few of the books were actually published in 2017; they’re simply my favorite books I read during the year. Like a failed game of Simon, this list is out of sequence. The Stand by Stephen King – […]

New Year’s Eve Game Night: The Event for Party Rodents

  In a little over a week, it’ll be time to say smell ya later (or, more like smell ya later forever) to 2017, which means another New Year’s Eve will be upon us. At that point, we must each decide whether or not to cave into societal pressure and have the rockin’ good time […]

‘Tis the Day Before Holly Jolly…

  ‘Tis the day before Holly Jolly, and all through the ‘brary Things are shaping up to be incredibly merry The building’s halls are decked and looking so great Just itching for y’all to come celebrate   For the fourth time, we’re throwing a holiday blowout That you and your family will sure want to […]

Literature With a Venn-geance

As #Novennber rolls on, this week, we’re hitting you with some literary Venns*. Click each image to view it in its full size. Enjoy.     *Props to Kayla for the Hamlet and Lord of the Rings Venns

The (Not So) Secret to Writing

November (and #Novennber) is National Novel Writing Month, or, as the hiply efficient call it, NaNoWriMo. It’s a time for writers to cast aside their fears, inhibitions, crippling self-doubt, and excuses to crank out a 50,000 word novel. Quality is optional; the goal is simply to get it done, and the only way to get […]

Happy Novennber

Earlier this week, I received a call from a man who wanted to know if he needed a library card in order to sit in the library and read. I told him no, and that he was welcome to come on in and read all he wanted. It was a short, simple call, but it […]


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