Out With the Old Nooks, In With the New

As a fragile human, you’re surely well aware that the ravages of time cannot be escaped. I say this not to bum you out with a reminder of your own mortality, but to point out that technology is also subject to Father Time’s slow, steady march toward the grave (see, everyone and everything’s gonna die, […]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…A New Collection at the Library!

BPL has long had a collection of graphic novels (aka sequential art, aka long comic books) for kids, but when it came to graphic novels for adults, our copy of Watchmen for years stood alone in a forest of its wordy novel fellows. It was quite tragic, as some truly great stories are told in […]

Waive Goodbye to Fines

As of this past Monday, Benbrook Public Library has officially done away with overdue fines. They’re gone. Wa(i)ve goodbye. “Surely you lie,” I made you say in order to set me up for a dated pop culture reference. It ain’t no lie, baby. Bye bye bye. Through the duration of our summer pilot program period, […]

You’ve Got a Ticket to Read

The following should be read/sung to the tune of “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles:   My friends, we’ve got a new game And it starts today, yeah I’m so bold to proclaim That you’ll want to play   We call it Ticket to Read We call it Ticket to Read We call it Ticket […]

Beyond the Call of Duty?

When a phone call begins with, “I’m sorry, this is probably going to be the strangest thing someone has asked you to do,” the natural reaction is mild-to-severe concern, with a hearty pinch of curiosity. What is this person about to request of me? Steal a car? Flush the toilet and tell her which direction […]

Whiskerful Thinking

When I went to my vet (shout-out to Benbrook Animal Doctors!) yesterday to pick up special cat food for my special, expensive cat, I had the pleasure of visiting with Ice, their resident feline who entertains customers and cavalierly walks all over the paperwork of employees who are trying to work. It’s always a giddying […]

We Don’t Care Too Much For Money, Money Can’t Buy Our Books

The other day, a library patron called to let us know she really liked a particular book she had checked out from us (that’s good), and she wanted to know how she could go about buying the book from us (that’s…less good. And kind of strange). We make it a point to be as accommodating […]

Get Your Fix for Quality Competition at the Regional Adult Spelling Bee

With the sorry state of sports getting sorrier seemingly every minute (you’ll be sorely missed, 82) in DFW, there’s a good chance we won’t be seeing any of our local teams engage in any high-stakes, high-level competition anytime soon. Believe it or not, the library, or rather, a group of libraries, have stepped up to […]

Tips for a Perfect Lawn, I Tell You What

With the surprise bursts of unseasonably cold weather becoming gradually less frequent, it seems it’s (almost) safe to fully embrace spring and all the sunny, outdoorsy things that come with it. One of those things is of course tending to your yard, garden, and the various flora you surround yourself with. If you’re the Hank […]

Think Inside the Box During National Poetry Month

Poetry month is upon us You’ll blink and then it will be gone, thus I’m writing in poems (those rhyming things, know ‘em?) To show it appropriate fondness   A poet, I surely am not Mad verse skills, I just haven’t got But part of the “why” Of the month is to try So, like […]


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