Lego Club

About the Program

Lego Club gives kids the opportunity to explore their creative side by building with Legos. The program runs on a free play format; we put out the Legos and let you build away. It’s a great opportunity for young builders to come together and whip up some blocky innovation.

When It’s Held

During the school year Lego Club meets the third Tuesday of the month from 4 to 6 PM in the library’s meeting room. During the months of June and July it meets every Tuesday from 2 to 4. The next meeting will be December 18th at 4:00.

Upcoming Schedule

Click Here for a complete schedule.

Hall of Fame

If you build something totally cool, we just might put it in our Lego Club Hall of Fame. When you build something you’re proud of, ask us to take a picture, and we’ll put it up on our website to share with the world!






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