Courier Driver Specialist, Non-Exempt Pay Grade 2, part-time (up to 30 hrs)

Under general supervision by the Technology and Facilities Manager, serves the MetroShare Consortium by picking up, sorting and delivering library materials within the consortium in an accurate and prompt manner.

Position Title: Courier Driver Specialist, Non-Exempt Pay Grade 2, part-time (up to 30 hrs)

Pay: $23/hr

Customer Service Duties

1. Greets staff as the deliveries are picked up and dropped off

2. Loads and unloads the van with bins of books and organizes them by library

3. Delivers materials to each library according to their specified route

4. Works with each library to make sure all bins are sent to the correct library

5. Be courteous to other drivers on the road

Courier Driver Duties

1. Checks truck for all maintenance repairs (oil changes, gas mileage, etc.) and reports any and all damages to manager. Keeps truck clean and washed. Responsible for troubleshooting and making preventative maintenance recommendations regarding vehicles.

2. Delivers materials to each library according to their specified route

3. Keeps the bins organized with each libraries materials

4. Able to respond to library’s questions regarding deliveries and supplies

5. Assists with special events and completes other duties as assigned


1. Maintains regular attendance of scheduled hours and positive PTO balance

2. Works scheduled travel route consistently

3. Plans and schedules replacement when out on leave

4. Attends mandatory staff meetings as required

5. Keeps track of BLD’s closing schedule and other libraries schedules


1. Exhibits professionalism and superior customer service disposition

2. Maintains collaborations with other libraries and staff to with the goal of providing the best service possible

3. Follow the policies and procedures as outlined in the employee handbook including dress code

4. Limiting using the library equipment for personal use

5. Ability to communicate effectively and drive a large motor vehicle safely

Professional Development

1. Minimum qualifications include a high school diploma or GED

2. At least 2 years of related experience and current driver’s license

3. Annually creates 3 goals to further professional development

4. Able to successfully manage time between deliveries and breaks

5. Willingness to be open to new ideas and provide creative solutions when needed

Physical Job Specifications

1. Prolonged periods driving a van in possibly congested traffic and adverse weather conditions

2. Requires occasional lifting or pushing of up to 100 lbs and frequent lifting or pushing of up to 50 lbs

3. Must be able to climb ladders or stepstools, use a dolly for transporting books, push and pull book carts, and lift and carry books

4. Knowledge of modern office methods, equipment and practices

5. Must have working knowledge of the roads and traffic routes in DFW area

This job description is subject to change at any time

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