Only YOU Can Decide What We Read For Book Club

  At the library’s book clubs, we’re fortunate that generally, the books we read earn widespread approval from our readers. While our selections don’t always get a Siskel and Ebertian two thumbs up from everyone, it’s safe to say they mostly score at least one and a half thumbs (or, if you find the idea […]

Book Club: Where You’re Always on the List

Book clubbers, rejoice: we’re dropping the new reading list for our Bent Corners and Coffee Break book clubs. Here’s what we’re going to be reading/discussing/critiquing/relating to/praising/mocking for the next nine months (links are to the book’s Goodreads page):   October – The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George November – News of the World by […]

Are You a Reading Tortoise or Hare?

A few weeks ago, I sucked it up and decided to finally tackle a longstanding item on my to-read list: The Stand by Stephen King. Why do I make reading a highly-revered book for pleasure sound like something to be approached with the feet-dragging reluctance usually reserved for cleaning the dryer lint trap? As fantastic […]

A Zany Day in the (Shelf) Life

The shelf life offers great variety, as the library is many things to many people. Staff members at BPL, including moi, wear a bunch of different hats on a daily basis, but never has that been quite so literally the case for me as it was this past Wednesday. On that day, which will surely […]

Goodbye to a Friend

There are a lot of things I like about my job. I’m lucky enough to spend a significant chunk of time discovering, thinking about, and selecting new books and movies. I have access to a high-powered “laser.” I get to write this goofy blog. All those things are great, but without a doubt, my favorite […]

The Library Takes a Cue From the Fast Food Burrito Racket

It’s said there’s more than one way to skin a cat. As a cat lover, I’ve always been appalled by that saying. Why would you want to skin something so ludicrously cute, and as if doing such an unspeakably cruel thing one way isn’t enough, why are we to believe there’s value in spending time […]


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