Dimes Will Get You Dozens at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Stuff costs more than it used to, which is shocking, I know. Gone are the days when you could get a Coke and a movie ticket for a dime. Heck, you can’t even seem to get ten-cent currency for a dime these days. Yes, the stuff you can actually get for your pocket change is […]

We Don’t Care Too Much For Money, Money Can’t Buy Our Books

The other day, a library patron called to let us know she really liked a particular book she had checked out from us (that’s good), and she wanted to know how she could go about buying the book from us (that’s…less good. And kind of strange). We make it a point to be as accommodating […]

The Library Makes a Move for Chess

There’s something about a chess board that really classes up a joint. Maybe it’s the elegant black and white color scheme. Maybe it’s the fact that it is commonly regarded as an intelligent person’s game (people who get out-strategized at something are often said to have been playing checkers while they’re opponents played chess). Whatever […]

Take Our Books, Please

  Garth Brook has friends in low places. Charles Grodin had man’s best friend. These guys have each other’s super friendly company. Those are some pretty solid friends, but the library’s got compadres to rival them all. Our friends are so stellar, they exist solely to be our friends. Can’t say that about your bestie, […]

R.I.P., VHS?

Here at the BPL, we’re fortunate enough to have a community full of highly generous patrons. We have no shortage of altruistic donors who bring us their previously loved books and media items, and many of those donors let us know they want our library specifically to have them. While we’re always thrilled when people […]


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