It’s the Most Laserful Time of the Year

We’ve finally reached December 1, and that means members of the “it’s too early for Christmas stuff” crowd now officially have no tree stand to..stand on (they have to get off and put their tree on it). Bring on the music, the lights, the movies, the elves, and, in the case of the library, the […]

Return of the Lase(r)

  The laser engraver is back. While it was never really physically gone, like Burger King’s Mac ‘n’ Cheetos were before making a comeback last year, it was effectively gone, like Mark Morrison was when he had his heart broken. In the engraver’s case, it was an overworked, rundown laser that had it producing at […]

The Best Knife for Pumpkins is a Laser

Whenever I think about carving Halloween pumpkins nowadays, my mind naturally goes to Crocodile Dundee. It’s not much of a scary movie, despite its moments of croc-related suspense, but it does have the quintessential knife quote, and pumpkin carving is all about knife size/skill. At least, it used to be. If you’ve been to the […]

You Gotta Make Noise to Reduce Noise

If you find the library to be a little noisier than normal (as you may know, our “normal” noise level is actually pretty high by conventional library standards, what with the whizzing and whirring of our 3D printers and laser engraver) over the next few weeks, as counterintuitive as it sounds, we’re making a bunch […]

A Zany Day in the (Shelf) Life

The shelf life offers great variety, as the library is many things to many people. Staff members at BPL, including moi, wear a bunch of different hats on a daily basis, but never has that been quite so literally the case for me as it was this past Wednesday. On that day, which will surely […]

Get Licensed to Laser at Tinker Tuesday

You can learn a lot at the library. The most conventional way to do so is through books, and while book learnin’ is all well and good, more hands-on learning opportunities like programs and classes can often be more effective at cramming knowledge into your noggin. We’ve had and continue to have plenty of instructive […]

Pumpkin Carving for the Modern Halloweenophile

Fall: It’s a time for colorful foliage, hoodies (if you live anywhere other than Texas), baseball playoff choke jobs (if you live in Texas), and all things pumpkin. While many go gaga for pumpkin spice lattes, I say forget the spice; just give me the pumpkin. Not to eat, though. That’s kinda gross. I prefer […]

A Piece of Reading Fun

I’ve never been a big puzzle guy. Sure, I put together a few simple ones in my youth, but once I graduated to jigsaw level, most of my attempts went unfinished. I used to be really intrigued by Puzz-3D, but never gave one a try. My passion for puzzles was waning like Bruce until very […]

Meet Friends of All Types at the Library

  You can always find a good companion at the library. A trusty pal to keep you company on long dark, nights. To cradle in your hands. To gaze upon lovingly for hours. To lick your face. Wait, say what? No, we didn’t recently introduce a new tongued book collection. On Saturday, our friends from […]


Over the past couple weeks, Lasermania has swept the library, and while it hasn’t been accompanied by as many high-pitched squeals as Beatlemania or as much gratuitous use of the word “brother” as Hulkamania, it has been hectic and exciting nonetheless. Patrons really dig our MakerSpace’s newest toy, and it’s even earned us some ink […]


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