Fill Your Head and Heart With Jolliness at BPL’s Holly Jolly Holiday

For years now, I’ve intermittently had the song “Silver Bells” pop into my head, uninvited and apropos of nothing, at all times of year. I just go with it, but it’s a lyrical lie, in say, June. It’s Christmas time in the city? No, it isn’t. Soon it will be Christmas day? Not unless your […]

‘Tis the Day Before Holly Jolly…

  ‘Tis the day before Holly Jolly, and all through the ‘brary Things are shaping up to be incredibly merry The building’s halls are decked and looking so great Just itching for y’all to come celebrate   For the fourth time, we’re throwing a holiday blowout That you and your family will sure want to […]

A Trifecta of Jolliness

Few holiday franchises make it to a third installment, and even when they do, things can get dicey. Usually, they’re doomed from the start by desperation moves like replacing beloved performers from the originals or bringing in Martin Short to be zany. Try as they might, they more often than not come up lacking in […]

Oh By Golly, It’s So Holly Jolly!

  If you’re like me*, you may find that you often don’t get fully into the holiday spirit until it’s almost too late. You’ll get your jolliness cranked up to 11 for a couple of days, then it’s all over, leaving you with a useless reservoir of jubilance. In a perfect world, you’d get that […]


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