Happy Novennber

Earlier this week, I received a call from a man who wanted to know if he needed a library card in order to sit in the library and read. I told him no, and that he was welcome to come on in and read all he wanted. It was a short, simple call, but it […]

Graffiti, Library Style

Graffiti artists tag railroad cars with their names or symbols. Lovestruck couples carve trees with their initials. Visitors to public restrooms scrawl on the stalls with colorful limericks. Library patrons leave their mark with…their library card number? While moving a table by the library’s copy machine, I noticed something written with a black marker on […]

Don’t Sock it to ‘Em This Holiday Season

When I was a kid, I was always baffled when I heard my parents, relatives, and other old people (at the time, “old” was anyone above the age of around 20) talk about how much of a struggle it was for them to come up with Christmas gift ideas for themselves. The idea of not […]

Get Carded at the Library

I’m not by any means a graphic designer, but I have some residual Photoshop competence from my days spent being educated to be Don Draper (just the advertising part of him, not all the morally reprehensible stuff). Every now and then, I’m called upon to dust off those modest skills to create something purty for […]

Library Lover on a Mission

Many people enter the library on a mission. The missions vary greatly in importance and urgency, from lounging with the newspaper, to tracking down the all-important next volume of a TV show that will keep a binge watching sesh rolling, to printing a boarding pass, to making a restroom visit before disaster strikes. For all […]

All About the Books

I’m a big fan of goofy musical parodies/adaptations, and recently found a great library-related one. Check out the staff of the Nashville Public Library performing “All About the Books”: If this doesn’t make you want a library card, I don’t know what will. Excellent work, NPL. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Gobble gobble.


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