Only YOU Can Decide What We Read For Book Club

  At the library’s book clubs, we’re fortunate that generally, the books we read earn widespread approval from our readers. While our selections don’t always get a Siskel and Ebertian two thumbs up from everyone, it’s safe to say they mostly score at least one and a half thumbs (or, if you find the idea […]

Plan(ner) for Success in 2019

With a new year comes new/renewed commitment to becoming a better you than the you ended up being after committing to being a better you the previous new year, and that type of commitment typically comes with lots of stuff to do (or at least a lot of stuff to commit to do). You could […]

A Trifecta of Jolliness

Few holiday franchises make it to a third installment, and even when they do, things can get dicey. Usually, they’re doomed from the start by desperation moves like replacing beloved performers from the originals or bringing in Martin Short to be zany. Try as they might, they more often than not come up lacking in […]

The Library’s Gonna Put a Spell(ing Bee) on (for) You

If you’ve ever watched the Scripps National Spelling Bee, you know those elementary and middle school kids are some truly ridonkulous spellers. The winning words in 2016 were Feldenkrais and gesellschaft, for glavin out loud. Being able to correctly spell those words in the heat of competition is a feat of skill on par with […]

Book People Booked to Come to Benbrook for Benbrook Booked

I’m a big fan of John Green and his books. I guess technically, I’m merely a fan of his books, as I’ve never actually met the man. But I could have. Back in the spring of 2012, I was attending my first Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference in Houston, and Green’s smash hit The […]

Summer Slip Slides Away at BPL

This past Friday, we said goodbye to the 2016 Summer Reading Program in style with a grand closing party featuring snacks crafts, sno cones, and a big ol’ water slide. Rather than describe the fanfare, I thought I’d show you the good times in live action:

Spin Our Wheel, Not Yours This Summer

When you’re spinning your wheels, you’re said to be taking action and putting in effort while failing to actually get anywhere or accomplish anything. It’s work with no payoff. This summer, I encourage you not to spin your own wheels, but to do something productive and spin the library’s wheels, or rather its singular wheel…of […]

Summer is Coming

Summer is coming. I don’t mean that generally or vaguely like the Starks do when they say winter is coming, or dishonestly like George R. R. Martin does when he says he’s going to publish another book; summer, as far as library land is concerned, will literally be here in three weeks, and it is […]

A Zany Day in the (Shelf) Life

The shelf life offers great variety, as the library is many things to many people. Staff members at BPL, including moi, wear a bunch of different hats on a daily basis, but never has that been quite so literally the case for me as it was this past Wednesday. On that day, which will surely […]

Get Licensed to Laser at Tinker Tuesday

You can learn a lot at the library. The most conventional way to do so is through books, and while book learnin’ is all well and good, more hands-on learning opportunities like programs and classes can often be more effective at cramming knowledge into your noggin. We’ve had and continue to have plenty of instructive […]


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