It’s the Most Laserful Time of the Year

We’ve finally reached December 1, and that means members of the “it’s too early for Christmas stuff” crowd now officially have no tree stand to..stand on (they have to get off and put their tree on it). Bring on the music, the lights, the movies, the elves, and, in the case of the library, the […]

Return of the Lase(r)

  The laser engraver is back. While it was never really physically gone, like Burger King’s Mac ‘n’ Cheetos were before making a comeback last year, it was effectively gone, like Mark Morrison was when he had his heart broken. In the engraver’s case, it was an overworked, rundown laser that had it producing at […]

Out With the Old Nooks, In With the New

As a fragile human, you’re surely well aware that the ravages of time cannot be escaped. I say this not to bum you out with a reminder of your own mortality, but to point out that technology is also subject to Father Time’s slow, steady march toward the grave (see, everyone and everything’s gonna die, […]

We Don’t Care Too Much For Money, Money Can’t Buy Our Books

The other day, a library patron called to let us know she really liked a particular book she had checked out from us (that’s good), and she wanted to know how she could go about buying the book from us (that’s…less good. And kind of strange). We make it a point to be as accommodating […]

Audiobooks With a (Very) Human Touch

Audiobooks are quite popular at BPL. Whether you like to check them out on CD or download them digitally, y’all have made it clear that you dig them. As fantastic as audiobooks are, they do come with some potential roadblocks, namely 1)What if the title you’d like to hear isn’t available in audiobook form? and […]

Happy Novennber

Earlier this week, I received a call from a man who wanted to know if he needed a library card in order to sit in the library and read. I told him no, and that he was welcome to come on in and read all he wanted. It was a short, simple call, but it […]

Searching for Hay in a Haystack

Part of the beauty of a digital library catalog is that you can use whatever search terms you want to quickly search all fields in an item’s record. Of course, there’s no guarantee your search will yield results. Usually, being too specific is what gets you in trouble, such as a search for “how to […]

Use the Library With Confidence

Last week, my wife and I took a trip to San Diego, home of Ron Burgundy himself. The weather was perfect, the beaches were picturesque, and the panda population was nonzero, so while it would have been nice to stay indefinitely, we did eventually have to return to our boiling hot, panda-less home city. Being […]

A Loophole for Lines for New Books

If there’s one thing I beat into the ground around here, other than too-specific Simpsons references, it’s that libraries are muy bueno and you should use them to get free stuff. It’s some darn fine advice, and I stand by it, but it’s not always as easy as I make it sound. I’m not trying […]

Make Studio Magic at the Library

If you’ve walked through or around the Teen Room in the library, you’ve probably seen the instruments hanging on the wall. While they sure are nice to look at, you’ll find that your enjoyment of them will skyrocket if you take them down and actually, like, play them. Feel free to plug one into our […]


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