Best Books (I Read During the Year) of 2018

Bibliophiles, I present to you my “Best Books of 2018” list, as always with the huge caveat that very few of the books were actually published in 2018; they’re simply my favorite books I read during the year. Unlike an escalator that is temporarily stairs, this list is out of order.   Sleeping Beauties by […]

Friday the 13th: A Reading Guide

In honor of Friday the 13th, I’ve put together a list of ten* scary/freaky/eerie books appropriate for reading today, complete with 13 word** blurbs on each:   It by Stephen King – It gets uncomfortably weird, and it’s mega long, but man, is it great. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Has one of the […]

Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews 2015

As October approached this year, I told myself I would get myself pumped up for Halloween by watching scary movies and shows, playing scary video games, and reading scary books. Here we are at the end of the month, and I’ve done exactly one of those things. Fortunately, it’s the thing most relevant to this […]

Getting Psyched For Halloween, Librarian Style

I’ve found that one of the crummy things about being an adult, in addition to the obvious ones like having to pay for everything and the loss of the social acceptability of playing in the Chuck E. Cheese’s ball pit, is that I no longer get as naturally excited about holidays. I now have to […]


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