The Truth is Out There

A phone call I received earlier this week: Me: Benbrook Library, how can I help you? Patron (a bit breathlessly): I’m looking for aliens. Me (apprehensive because this is either going to be delightfully straightforward or an impossibly nebulous Mulder and Scully situation, very tentatively): …Are you looking for the *movie* Aliens? Patron: Yes. Me […]

Beyond the Call of Duty?

When a phone call begins with, “I’m sorry, this is probably going to be the strangest thing someone has asked you to do,” the natural reaction is mild-to-severe concern, with a hearty pinch of curiosity. What is this person about to request of me? Steal a car? Flush the toilet and tell her which direction […]

Total Eclipse (Glasses) of the Heart

The following should be read/sung to the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”   Telephone, every time it rings we get a similar question that’s all too familiar now Telephone, every single caller wants a specific something we regretfully just cannot provide Telephone, every other minute there’s a new hopeful person seeking […]

The Library: Decidedly Not the Post Office

  A phone call I received earlier this week: Me: Benbrook Library, how can I help you? Patron: Did you know that I haven’t gotten any mail in three days? Nobody on my street has gotten any either. It just stopped coming. What is going on? *Brief expectant pause* Me (sympathetic, but confused): I’m sorry […]

A New Way To Renew

Positive feedback is always good, but it’s extra satisfying when it’s of the totally unsolicited variety. This past Saturday afternoon, a pleased patron called the library just to tell us that she really loves our new(ish) auto-renew feature and to thank us for implementing it. She of course didn’t have to do this; she could’ve […]


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