Say “Nope” to Anti-Library Talk, Reverse Knope Style

Last week, an apparently masochistic economist released an opinion piece on Forbes’ website arguing that in the name of saving taxpayers money and helping Amazon stockholders, public libraries should be replaced with Amazon bookstores. A vocal army of library defenders, including patrons, librarians, authors, and common sense enthusiasts, promptly rose up on the Internet to […]

Use the Library With Confidence

Last week, my wife and I took a trip to San Diego, home of Ron Burgundy himself. The weather was perfect, the beaches were picturesque, and the panda population was nonzero, so while it would have been nice to stay indefinitely, we did eventually have to return to our boiling hot, panda-less home city. Being […]

No Calm at Sea

  Several times in the hallowed history of this blog, I’ve pontificated about a lack of silence being acceptable in the modern public library. As it turns out, “public” is quite the operative word in that sentiment, as a recent experience in a library of a different type has shown me my tolerance for tumult […]


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