Some Pig, a Dull Boy, and a Gold Guy Get the Novennber Treatment

Novennber rolls on with a fresh batch of literary Venns for your viewing amusement/eye rollification:  

Novennber’s Revennge

We’re now squarely in the 11th month of the year, which means it’s time to bring back our painfully brilliant (or brilliantly painful, depending on your feelings on cheesy wordplay) Novennber idea we introduced last year. It gives us an excuse to experience and share the irresistible, undeniable fun of Venn diagrams. We’ll be coming […]

Censorship is for Phonies: Read Banned Books

The following is a fictional interview I conducted with the fictional character Holden Caulfield in honor of Banned Books Week.   Cullen: Hi everybody, I’m very excited to introduce our guest today, Holden Caulfield. Welcome, Holden, and thank you for being here. Holden: Hey, glad to’ve met you. I’m always saying “glad to’ve met you” […]

You’ve Got a Ticket to Read

The following should be read/sung to the tune of “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles:   My friends, we’ve got a new game And it starts today, yeah I’m so bold to proclaim That you’ll want to play   We call it Ticket to Read We call it Ticket to Read We call it Ticket […]

Whiskerful Thinking

When I went to my vet (shout-out to Benbrook Animal Doctors!) yesterday to pick up special cat food for my special, expensive cat, I had the pleasure of visiting with Ice, their resident feline who entertains customers and cavalierly walks all over the paperwork of employees who are trying to work. It’s always a giddying […]

Audiobooks With a (Very) Human Touch

Audiobooks are quite popular at BPL. Whether you like to check them out on CD or download them digitally, y’all have made it clear that you dig them. As fantastic as audiobooks are, they do come with some potential roadblocks, namely 1)What if the title you’d like to hear isn’t available in audiobook form? and […]

Cataloging Library Help Seekers

The other day, I had a patron approach me and ask for help in a mildly terrifying, heretofore-unexperienced way: as I was seated at the Information Desk with my focus on my computer screen, she soundlessly materialized behind me, Mr. Deeds’ butler-style, and dramatically whispered, “I need your help.” Startled, I turned around to see […]

Discover Inner Book Beauty With Blind Date With a Book

In today’s profile picture-laden, swipe-happy dating scene, blind dating seems to have fallen out of favor. Sure, actually having a visual of the person you’re going to spend an afternoon at the mall or an evening at Putt-Putt (or whatever people do on dates nowadays; I’ve clearly been out of the game for a while) […]

Fun With Removing One Letter From Book Titles

Originality is hard. With so many books already in existence, how can anybody be expected to come up with anything fresh? Luckily, many book titles are just one superfluous letter-ectomy away from becoming something completely (or at least kinda) different. The following is a list of fake books and plots that are a product of […]


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