Total Eclipse (Glasses) of the Heart

The following should be read/sung to the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”   Telephone, every time it rings we get a similar question that’s all too familiar now Telephone, every single caller wants a specific something we regretfully just cannot provide Telephone, every other minute there’s a new hopeful person seeking […]

Make Studio Magic at the Library

If you’ve walked through or around the Teen Room in the library, you’ve probably seen the instruments hanging on the wall. While they sure are nice to look at, you’ll find that your enjoyment of them will skyrocket if you take them down and actually, like, play them. Feel free to plug one into our […]

Name That Tune

Last Friday afternoon, a patron walked into my office and asked if I’m a rock music aficionado. Unsure if he wanted to ask a trivia question, sell me some vintage vinyl, or maybe start a Styx cover band, I tentatively answered that I’m not an aficionado, but I’m generally familiar with rock and/or roll. He […]

You’ve Got to Know When to Read ‘Em…

Summer Reading is now in full effect at BPL. It’s eight ridonkulous weeks of unadulterated reading and program madness, and it’s both the best (if you’re a fun-loving child or adult-sized child) and worst (if you’re a Scroogian “get off my lawn” type) time of the year at the library. We know it’s mostly about […]

All About the Books

I’m a big fan of goofy musical parodies/adaptations, and recently found a great library-related one. Check out the staff of the Nashville Public Library performing “All About the Books”: If this doesn’t make you want a library card, I don’t know what will. Excellent work, NPL. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Gobble gobble.

Two Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Seconds

Beginning Monday, October 6, the library will experiment with a little hour embiggening. Through November 13, we’ll be open 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday hours remaining unchanged. That’s three extra hours of library time for the people each day. Depending on public response, at the end of the […]

Do You Wanna Read My Blog, Man?

Note: The following should be read to the tune of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from the megahit movie Frozen. Do you wanna read my blog, man? That’s great, but here’s the thing: The Frozen party was a giant hit And because of it, I’ve only time to sing! I hate to disappoint […]


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