Friday the 13th: A Reading Guide

In honor of Friday the 13th, I’ve put together a list of ten* scary/freaky/eerie books appropriate for reading today, complete with 13 word** blurbs on each:   It by Stephen King – It gets uncomfortably weird, and it’s mega long, but man, is it great. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Has one of the […]

Best Books (I Read During the Year) of 2017

I present to you my “Best Books of 2017” list, as always with the huge caveat that very few of the books were actually published in 2017; they’re simply my favorite books I read during the year. Like a failed game of Simon, this list is out of sequence. The Stand by Stephen King – […]

Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews 2017

  Ghosts and ghouls, I give you the fifth annual Shelf Life Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews:   We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson My first exposure to author Shirley Jackson came in high school, when my English class read Jackson’s short story The Lottery, which isn’t this kind of lottery […]

Are You a Reading Tortoise or Hare?

A few weeks ago, I sucked it up and decided to finally tackle a longstanding item on my to-read list: The Stand by Stephen King. Why do I make reading a highly-revered book for pleasure sound like something to be approached with the feet-dragging reluctance usually reserved for cleaning the dryer lint trap? As fantastic […]

Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews 2016

Halloween is only a few days away, which means it’s time for me to recap my scary reading for the month in the fourth annual Shelf Life Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews:   The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff This book was a library book club selection that we strategically scheduled to discuss in […]

Best Books (I Read During the Year) of 2014

It’s the twilight of another year on the third rock from the sun, and in the closing days, the Internet will be bloated to BuzzFeedian proportions with “Best of 2014” lists on every subject imaginable. Because I’m with it and hip, I’m going to get in on the action, and while I’d love to enthrall […]

Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews

I’m a man of few Halloween traditions, but scary October readin’ is one I intend to keep going. I cracked three spine-chilling spines this month, and my fun size review of each follows: Pet Sematary by Stephen King I had to start with something by good ol’ Stephy Stephy King King because I think he’s […]

Getting Psyched For Halloween, Librarian Style

I’ve found that one of the crummy things about being an adult, in addition to the obvious ones like having to pay for everything and the loss of the social acceptability of playing in the Chuck E. Cheese’s ball pit, is that I no longer get as naturally excited about holidays. I now have to […]

TLA 2013 Highlights

Some of you may have noticed (just humor me, okay?) that I took a week off from posting last week. Before you chide me for depriving you of content (seriously, just play along), let me assure you my excuse is immaculate. For three glorious days, I enjoyed the library nirvana that was the 2013 Texas […]


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