So Long, Sweet Summer

The library’s children’s summer reading program wrapped up last week with a big ol’ party. Here’s hoping with all the reading your kids did, the only “summer slide” they experienced was on this here (or another, equally fun) water slide:   Thank you to all the kids and parents who made it another great summer […]

You’ve Got a Ticket to Read

The following should be read/sung to the tune of “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles:   My friends, we’ve got a new game And it starts today, yeah I’m so bold to proclaim That you’ll want to play   We call it Ticket to Read We call it Ticket to Read We call it Ticket […]

Adults, Embrace the Summer With Summer Reading-o

  Summer is here. For kids, that means no school and more time for friends, camps, pools, and the buffet of wonders that is the library’s children’s summer reading program (learn all about it here). For adults, it means a different season in which to continue your workaday life…unless you’re a teacher, in which case […]

Summer Slip Slides Away at BPL

This past Friday, we said goodbye to the 2016 Summer Reading Program in style with a grand closing party featuring snacks crafts, sno cones, and a big ol’ water slide. Rather than describe the fanfare, I thought I’d show you the good times in live action:

Spin Our Wheel, Not Yours This Summer

When you’re spinning your wheels, you’re said to be taking action and putting in effort while failing to actually get anywhere or accomplish anything. It’s work with no payoff. This summer, I encourage you not to spin your own wheels, but to do something productive and spin the library’s wheels, or rather its singular wheel…of […]

Summer is Coming

Summer is coming. I don’t mean that generally or vaguely like the Starks do when they say winter is coming, or dishonestly like George R. R. Martin does when he says he’s going to publish another book; summer, as far as library land is concerned, will literally be here in three weeks, and it is […]

The Relasering

Years from now, as I’m giving a bittersweet speech at my retirement party at Taco Bell* and regaling my admirers with the stories of my proudest accomplishments whilst they chow down on Doritos Locos Tacos and Crunchwrap Supremes, I’ll get choked up not when relating the elation I felt when looking into the joy-filled face […]

You’ve Got to Know When to Read ‘Em…

Summer Reading is now in full effect at BPL. It’s eight ridonkulous weeks of unadulterated reading and program madness, and it’s both the best (if you’re a fun-loving child or adult-sized child) and worst (if you’re a Scroogian “get off my lawn” type) time of the year at the library. We know it’s mostly about […]

Send Us Your Shot

Summer Reading at the Library is more than just fun, reading, prizes, games, and parties. It’s even more than helping early literacy skills and keeping young minds active during the vacation from school. These things are extremely important and we are big supporters of such endeavors, but we also think that it’s through such activities […]


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