Novennber’s Revennge

We’re now squarely in the 11th month of the year, which means it’s time to bring back our painfully brilliant (or brilliantly painful, depending on your feelings on cheesy wordplay) Novennber idea we introduced last year. It gives us an excuse to experience and share the irresistible, undeniable fun of Venn diagrams. We’ll be coming […]

Letting Books in on the Madness

A few years ago, I pitched the idea of holding a March Madness-style, vote-driven tournament for books to coincide with the annual NCAA basketball tournament. It was met with crickets, and I laid it to rest before ever giving it the chance to go dancing. Admittedly, a tournament that would equate to essentially a book […]

And the Oscar Goes to…Books

The Oscars: a majestic celebration of the magic of cinema, or frivolous, self-congratulatory pageantry? The answer to that question will be revealed…elsewhere. While some Oscar bashing may be warranted, ‘round here we talk about book-y stuff, so book-y stuff I shall discuss. It’s an incontrovertible fact that book renditions of stories are superior to their […]


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