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About the Program

Get your game on with our Xbox 360 Kinect. Just come in, grab a controller, and…oh yeah, you don’t need a controller. YOU are the controller. Whether you’re bustin’ moves, tossin’ touchdowns, or goin’ all Jedi on the Empire, it’s all you. Technology’s pretty amazing, huh? We offer free play sessions as well as organized competitions, so there’s room for both casual and competitive gamers.

Games in Our Collection

  • Dance Central 2
  • Wipeout 2
  • Kinect Star Wars
  • Kinect Sports Season 2
  • Kinect Adventures
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘13

Feel free to bring in your favorites from home, too.

Upcoming Schedule

To be announced…

High Scores

Check out the scores our top gamers are throwing up here.


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