Laser Cutter

A laser cutting machine uses the high precision and speed of a laser to cut or engrave a wide variety of materials. Laser mark your name on a insulated metal tumbler. Cut or engrave intricate designs in paper or wood. Etch your logo on acrylic, wood, glass, leather, and more!


Getting Started
1.  The software that we use for printing to the laser cutter is Corel Draw.  The first step is deciding what area you want the laser to cut, or engrave, on.

2.  Measure that area, then create a workspace in Corel Draw with those dimensions.

3. Add text, graphics and design what you want the laser to engrave, or cut.  Line drawings are best used with the laser.

4. Once you have finished your design, find the speed and power settings best used for your material type.

5. In the Print Preferences screen, choose the options that are best suited to your needs.  Library staff is always available to help you, especially with this step!

6. Place the object in the laser cutter.  Some objects, such as glasses, will require a rotator.  Please see Library Staff about installing the rotator.

7. Send the print job over once your object is in the correct position, and then hit print on the laser.  Depending on the amount of design elements and the total size being engraved, the job could take up to 15 minutes or longer for each item.  Stainless Steel Tumblers usually take around 3 minutes per cup.