Technology Manager

Under general supervision by the Library Director and working closely with other managers, staff librarians and IT Consultant, leads the operation of the Technology Department with innovative and creative programming using the MakerSpace equipment.

Position Title: Technology Manager, Pay Grade 4, $60,000/year
Supervisor: Library Director
Supervises: 2 MakerSpace Specialists and Summer Intern
Flex Time: Eligible
Benefits: Health Insurance, 401a retirement account with 10% matching, PTO benefits after 90 days
Schedule: Monday through Friday, possible night and weekends, working 4/10 possible


  • Masters ot Library Science or Bachelors with STEM focus preferred
  • supervisory experience
  • customer service experience

Technology Manager Duties

MakerSpace Operations
1. Supervises the MakerSpace and develops innovative training and programming while still serving the library’s mission.
2. Manage the day-to-day operations of the Makerspace, ensuring a welcoming and functional environment for library patrons.
3. Maintain and organize tools, equipment, and supplies, ensuring availability and working conditions of the 3D printer, laser engraver, and other equipment.
4. Develop and enforce policies and procedures for Makerspace use, including safety guidelines and equipment reservations.
5. Collaborate with library staff to integrate Makerspace activities with existing library programs and services.
6. Plan, coordinate, and facilitate a variety of workshops, classes, and events to engage library patrons in maker activities.
7. Develop a diverse range of programs that cater to different age groups and skill levels, aligning with the library's mission and community needs.
8. Promote and publicize Makerspace programs and activities through various channels, such as the library website, social media, and community outreach.
9. Collaborate with library staff to identify and secure resources, grants, and funding to support Makerspace initiatives.
10. Produce products that can be sold to help support fundraising efforts for the library.

Program Development and Delivery
1. Design and develop various STEM and robotics programs suitable for different age groups and skill levels, aligning with library objectives and community needs.
2. Facilitate interactive workshops, classes, and events introducing participants to robotics, coding, and other STEM-related activities.
3. Incorporate hands-on experiences using robotics kits and coding platforms to enhance learning and engagement.
4. Collaborate with library staff to integrate STEM and robotics programs with existing library initiatives and events.
5. Participate in the social media committee to ensure that the Technology department is represented.
Outreach and Community Engagement
1. Promote STEM and robotics programs through marketing efforts, including social media, library websites, and community outreach.
2. Cultivate partnerships with schools, local organizations, and community groups to expand the reach and impact of STEM and robotics programming.
3. Collaborate with library staff to host special events, maker fairs, or competitions that showcase participants' projects and foster a sense of community.
4. Provide guidance and support to library patrons, including assistance with robotics kits, coding languages, and troubleshooting.
5. Promote the library at different area functions, schools, and events, positively impacting the community and compel people to visit and support the library.

General Duties
1. Manage resources and budget effectively by repairing equipment and utilities and offering a stock source of MakerSpace supplies.
2. Manage the IT Contractor who is responsible for the technology infrastructure, including networks, servers, and computer systems, ensuring functionality and performance.
3. Stay up to date with the latest technology trends and recommend upgrades or enhancements as needed.
4. Review and negotiate contracts with vendors for competitive pricing and quality services.
5. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and codes pertaining to technology.
6. Work with the Library Director to implement and improve safety protocols and emergency response plans to safeguard employees and assets.
7. Conduct regular inspections of the equipment to identify potential risks and address them proactively.
8. Delegate tasks and responsibilities effectively, ensuring optimal use of resources.
9. Evaluate vendor performance and negotiate contracts to ensure quality services and cost savings.
10. Other duties as assigned.

Personnel Management
1. Encourage staff engagement and foster positive culture to support the library’s goals.
2. Proactively share information with Director and peers; communicate accurately, timely, and specific needs.
3. Use conflict resolution skills to navigate and support differences of opinion and help individuals resolve conflict.
4. Maintain accountability to BLD legal standards and requirements for performance management, including weekly hours and PTO balance for staff.
5. Develop policies and procedures based on the Library’s mission, user needs, and library operations under the guidance of the Library Director.

Community Partnership
1. Identify community organizations and collaborate to enhance services.
2. Proactively seek new ideas that can be incorporated into the library.
3. Maintain positive relations through communication and promotion of the Library’s values, services, accomplishments and needs to all stakeholders.
4. Understand complex relationships with the Friends, the community, and the Board.
5. Champion the Library’s vision and demonstrate commitment to supporting the vision.

1. Exhibits professionalism and superior customer service disposition.
2. Maintains regular attendance of scheduled hours and positive PTO balance.
3. Follow the policies and procedures as outlined in the employee handbook including dress code.
4. Plans and schedules replacement when out on leave and steps in to cover essential services while staff is out.
5. Holds the protection of confidential information in the highest regard.

Leadership Development
1. Lead and model positive behavior.
2. Prioritize library goals by working cooperatively with the management team.
3. Annually creates 3 goals to further professional development.
4. Use sound judgement and discretion to make transparent decisions regarding complex and/or sensitive issues.
5. Practice extreme ownership by accepting responsibility and being accountable.

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